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MAPINFO FOR: mml_church_et_v1
ET: mml_church_et_v1

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Name: MML Church final*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
It is the Autumn of 1944.

The Axis powers are in retreat - the German War Machine having pushed beyond it's limits.
The Italians have already crumbled, and the Allies are pushing north through Italy.
The Germans are getting desperate for any means to hold back the enemy.
During all this, German scientists become aware of a powerful ancient relic, supposed to hold
terrifying powers that would enable them to stop the Allied advance, and destroy them once and for

Allied code-breakers scanning the radio-waves intercept, through the terrible interference, a message
encoded using a top secret encryption code. It is seemingly of the utmost importance to the Axis:

'You ... get ... Relic ... all costs.
Prio(-ity) for ... (m-)ission comes ... ... Fuhrer ...
... available troops ... ... be sent ... ... abandoned chur(-ch) where ... relic is belie(-ved) to ...
This ... is ... in the ... (m-)ountains, south of ...'

Although unable to decipher the location, spotter planes have become aware of many Axis forces moving
towards a central point, located in the mountains. It is believed they are responding to the urgent

The Allies have to move quickly - the deserted church is ahead of the front line, and few troops are
available to get there in time. No-one knows how serious the Axis are about this, it might well be a
decoy - hence reinforcements will only be sent as they are needed.

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