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MAPINFO FOR: berserk_te
ET: berserk_te

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Name: Berserk TE final*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The Axis are attacking (which is rare!) and they must destroy the Old City Wall, steal the Documents and take the Documents back to the Axis Truck. It is possible for the Axis to use a tunnel. Tunnel entrance is in the maps' lower right corner.) The Allied forces are defending. The Allies may rebuild the wall, if they want to, once it is destroyed.

1 "Primary Objective:Defend the secret Documents!"
2 "Primary Objective:Do not let the Axis take the Documents to the Axis Truck!"
3 "Secondary Objective:Establish a Command Post!*If you build the Command Post, your team will have forward spawn!"
4 "Secondary Objective:Do not let the Axis build a Command Post!"
5 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Axis from repairing the Axis Pump!"

1 "Primary Objective:Steal the Documents!"
2 "Primary Objective:Take the Documents to the Axis Truck!"
3 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post!"
4 "Secondary Objective:Build a Command Post!*You will get Forward Spawn, if you build the Command Post!"
5 "Secondary Objective:Repair the Axis Pump, and drain the tunnels!"


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