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MAPINFO FOR: hills_beta
ET: hills_beta

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Name: Christmas Hills beta1
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
- Command post(of course)
- Destory the tank barriers ( if built )
- Escort the tank to the hill walls [Tank blows 2 walls open]
- Dynamite the Radio tower that sends out the axis Ba-humbug messages (Blowing up the Radio tower will allow the next thing)
- Decorate (build) a building with a christmas decorations which fill the Axis hearts with glee.

- Command post
- Build tank Barriers
- Stop the tank's movement
- Defend the Radio Tower
- Stop the Allies from filling your building and your heart with Christmas cheer !!!

Review by Wachente :

First Allies must repair the tank and escort him through the first barrier. When Allies passed this point the spawn changes to a room where a rocket launcher is available. You can activate this launcher every 46 seconds and it shots on stationed targets at and below the bridge. Axis have a rocket launcher at the bridge and it can be fired every 46 seconds aiming the Allied forward spawn. Allies have to escort the tank through the second barrier thereupon it blows up two walls. Now the routes to the radio station are passable. The radio station has to be destroyed with dynamit and can not be fixed again by Axis. At the neutral command post there's the possibility to blow up a third way where you can reach the goal without tank. When the radio station is destroyed Allies have to construct a christmas tree next to the room of the command post. Constructing the christmas tree is only possible after destroying the radio station. When the tree is built Allies have won.

PS: There are all over the maps radios with christmas music which can be switched off with a few shots. The command post named at the Objectives is deep in the Axis area and may be conquered later on in the game. 

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