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Clan ID: 165689
Clan Tag: ETL|
Clan Name: ET LOVERS
Location: Worldwide
Web Site: http://https://etlovers.com/
Total Members: 2
Recruiting Members: Yes
Registered at: May 17 2019

Welcome to ET Lovers !

We are passionate about Enemy Territory, we believe in providing a captivating gaming experience and sharing all our knowledge gained over the years. We are here to help you and to remind you the potential of ET ; the best game of the century

As a new server we are actively looking for new members, if you are interested and you meet our requirements, come intoduce yourself! (More informations here : How to apply)

We are also very mind open for your suggestions that could improve the gameplay, feel free to share your ideas : https://etlovers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=4

Our server

We spent all of our time on one server to offer you the best gaming experience and lag-free server

Our server is hosted on a dedicated server in Germany. It runs on a high specs machine and top tier network to provide low and stable latency with a 99.9% uptime

Server specs
Intel i7-6700
1TB SSD and 1Gbps uplink

Useful links

Our game server address : etlovers.com
Our forums : https://etlovers.com/forum/
Our rules : https://etlovers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5
Map rotation : https://etlovers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4

We hope to see you very soon and in large numbers :)

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ETL|Artemisia→ Leader
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ETL|wALden'→ Administrator
-   52 min 3.1% 49 ms 176d
  27.6 hrs  

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