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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 17 2006 at 13:44

ET: Quake Wars
ETQW Release date pushed back

A couple of days had been past, since i read that ET:Quakewars will not be realeased this year.
They need more time to force balanced gameplay and so some internal beta tests.

At this time, the information is, that gamers will be able to buy ET:Quakewars and RTCW II early in 2007.
With other words, they won´t finish them in 2006.

Although it´s really sad, we should all look forward to a great games in 2007.
And Q-Con 2006 just takes place in a few weeks. HF GL
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 30 2006 at 10:11

We pushed us again to the limits and tuned the server-view. There will be more serverinformation offered then before. All facts at a glance! Among other things a display how many fans a server has, the adjusted gametype-modus and an additionally numerical display of server load besides the graphical one will be shown.
Moreover there are all server settings viewable even in the detailed view which was reserved to the personal and large serverlist in the past. What is also new: You can see the country of a player due to the countryflag** and per ranking who stayed longest on this server inclusive the complete playing time on the respective server. Be aware of who is playing most on your server!

We would appreciate if you inform us about any errors or post your criticism in our forum. So we are able to satisfy your wishes and implement new features in the future. You know with your support only we become better.

Best wishes your SL-Team!

** Hint: The flag-function works with players who are playing in a sl-registered clan only and their country-membership is defined in the clan-administration. If necessary talk to your clan-leader who has registered in the sl. if you have not the right to do so by yourself.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 20 2006 at 09:27

The mod visualizes the usage of the so called powerups Q3-like. Like invulnerability (after respawn / revive), usage of adrenaline and carrying of objectives.

Download: Powerup Visualization (Alpha 1) by wolfmap.de
ScreenShot: InGame-Picture
Quelle Mod: SplashDamage Forenthread
Quelle News: Wolfmap.de
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 14 2006 at 12:43


Here you can see our newest toy, the sl-servermonitor. This monitor delivers all important information of the SL like mapinfos and downloads, the one-click-content and best of all, you can integrate it quite easy into your own website. How this is done exactly and what is to bear in mind is written here


This tool is in a beta state, so do not cut off our throats if not everything is running smooth. We would be very pleased for constructive feedback and bug-reports.

So have fun with the new tool!


- FAQ Servermonitor
- example for usage in our forum ([servermonitor]-Tag)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 02 2006 at 11:04

The [GMC]-Clan organizes a BaseRace Tournament again this year!

Update: Registration is open!
(check below for link and details)

The Baserace tournament will be hold according to registration strength from the 12th July on! Therewith the time span until the quarter finals is long enough, so all preliminary games can take place. On the following weekend the round of the last 16 starts - of course with ET-TV broadcasts. This time its not only a matter of renown and honor, the victor of the tournament will win a 16 slot public server for a half year. We hope also to be able to distribute stylish banners among the first 3 places for your homepage!

The number of participants is limited to 32 clans (for now). The matches take place on the servers of the [GMC]-Clan (located in Germany). Additionally Teamspeak-channels will be available. The link for registration and further informations will follow later today.

Here the preliminary rules (more details will be available on the website):
  1. Map pool
    1. Base Race beta3a.
  2. Tournament rules (similar to the Championsleague)
    1. Matches are played 8 vs. 8.
    2. Groups will be randomly drawed by GMC Clan.
    3. The tournament will be splitted into 8 groups
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 27 2006 at 16:51

IPB Bild

Version 1.250 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.

05/26/2006 19:00:46 - "Hendrik Thole"
Note #2: We just put out another client update. Please update your PB and check if you still get this lag on updated servers.

Quelle: Wolfenstein Files / Even Balance
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 24 2006 at 01:11

To gain some more clarity in the forum we created a new section. In the RtCW/ET - Servers section you can discuss about other RtCW/ET-Server or promote your own server and finally get some feedback. All topics from others sections according the new category were moved to this section. So nothing is missing nor has been deleted! As usual server-configs and workarounds for server-hardware problems etc. can be discussed in the already existing RtCW/ET - Serveradmin-Lounge (sub-section), quasi from admin to admin.

Greets, your SL-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 24 2006 at 00:43

We have again fine-tuned the serverlist and optimized the popularity regarding the bots.
Until now the SL acted as following: Used bots were recognized correctly and it turned off the session-rating accordingly as long as they stayed on the server. But these servers raised in the serverlist to the treasured upper places because of their 24 hour load in disadvantage to those servers, who achieved the upper positions due to 'real' players having played on them and from their own effort. That was quite long a thorn in our side so the SL will ignore bots completely in the future. That means there can be as many bots as possible activated never changing the server-ranking. Only 'real' players will incorporate with the popularity as already used with servers having no bots. And these one only will influence the server-ranking and let them raise or fall. Please notice that the new popularity will catch up correctly in the next seven days because it is based on the last seven days. So a deactivating of bot-only server, which would spin around the serverlist (faked push-up), will not be necessary.

In the serverlist you will see according to the red colored number with white brackets the current bots, for example: 41 / 60+4 (20)
[41 used slots / max. 60 public slots / 4 private slots / (20) current running bots

Greetz, your SL-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 16 2006 at 13:32

The SL has received a bugfix. The corresponding bug caused some login-attemps on the et-part of the sl not to work ("remote_auth_failed"). This should be fixed by now.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 12 2006 at 12:32

From now on we have implemented two new features. A Teamspeak-Viewer and an eventbox.

The Teamspeak-Viewer is freely customizable which means you can configure* your favorite Teamspeak-Server on the startside. You are also able to configure your access-data to join each channel of the server directly. Empty channels may be faded in or out to your needs, also the whole Teamspeak-Viewer could be shown or not.

The eventbox informs you quickly about dates of all kind. They may be also freely configured*. Fields of interests at the moment are ETTV-Broadcastings, the upcoming Soccer World Cup and community-events which can be filtered to your wishes. If you move your mouse-cursor over the termins, a small window is shown with the shorten form of the termin. Klicking on it you will receive detailed information gained from the forum. The days shown in advance and the number of termins may be freely configured. Turning the eventbox generally on and off is also possible.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the new features or even recovered an error or bug we would appreciate your feedback.

Have a nice frag-day, your sl.-Team!

*Both functions are available to registered and unregistered users. The freely configurable feature respectively the
personalizing of both features is subject to registerd users only. Unregistered users will see the public SL-TS-Server (only guest account) as well as an eventbox with all fields of interests enabled.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 10 2006 at 14:09

Clients running ET 2.60b which want to connect to ETpro-Server with ET 2.60b installed will be rejected. As a solution for the transition period until ETpro is compatible, the gameservers should be patched to version 2.60b. Players with an unpatched ET (ET v2.60) should only connect to server which seem to be confident to them. The ones who have not back-uped their executables can download them from here to avoid a re-installation.

-[Download ET 2.60 Binaries (Windows) ]-

Quote reyalp:
''FWIW, servers should be able to update and work with the latest etpro (I only tested it very briefly, so there may be something I missed). If clients update, they will be kicked by etpro for integrity, regardless of which server version they connect to.
Updating servers is probably a good idea, since the directory traversal thing can have quite nasty consequences. The remapshader thing requires malicious serveradmins, which are a problem even without that exploit.
If you are using ETTV as your server executable, you may want to turn off sv_allowdownload. The patch readme suggests you can use www redirects with this off, but I'm pretty sure it disables both.''

source: Banimod forums

news-source: wolfmap

Important addition: Our sl.-database has been adjusted to the new 'circumstances'. In the gobal and private serverlist the patched servers will be marked with an icon IPB Bild. This icon is only temporary until there are no more incompabilities to mods, clients, server etc. Your sl.-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 08 2006 at 22:30

id released a patch for the latest buffer overflow exploit for the Q3A engine. You can download it here:
If you run a server with any older version, please upgrade or consider turning off autodownload ( set sv_allowDownload to 0 ). Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers http/ftp download feature is not affected by CVE-2006-2082. If you don't wish to upgrade, you can decide to only enable http/ftp downloads and disable legacy downloads in that particular case.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, May 06 2006 at 13:48

Players of Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake III Arena should be careful in future when connecting to an unknown server. There is a buffer overlow exploit around for the mentioned games with Quake 3 Engine, which plants code on the client and executes it. Therefore it will suffice to send a prepared RemapShader-order to the client.

The linux and also the windows-versions are affected, but the exploit works with linux-versions only at the moment. It opens on TCP-port 27670 a through network reachable shell. The error was found in versions of Enemy Territory 2.60, Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.41 and Quake III Arena 1.32b. Other versions are potentially also affected. Up to now there is no patch closing this security hole.

Source: https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/72780
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Mar 29 2006 at 15:16

Since last night some surely have noticed there are terrible problems at some servers on the internet (in germany). Also the second Sl.Server is affected by it. Our Hoster have hardware problems and we got a message only this morning.
However, the malfunction seems to be diagnosed finally and this is a good sign.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Mar 22 2006 at 21:36

Surely you have already noticed the offline time of the sl.Forum. Due to hacker attacks on the sl.Forum within the last few days we were forced to update the forum software.

On the whole the new forum is going on so we are responsive again. In addition inform us about appearing bugs please. The old forum-skin isn't compatible, we will work on it in the near future there.

The sl.Team would like to thank the hackers which have granted us a lot of work and the update of the forum was already overdue too.

- Our forum is back with the newest version!
- we have many improvements in the forum software and Dutch and Spain as new forum languages!
- The forum-skin isn't completely adapted yet. We work on it.
- as at March 3rd before 8.00am. All users which have registered after that should register again (the data are lost in the wake of the hackers attack)
- Perhaps your default language setting are lost with the update too. Please simply select your language once more.
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