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ETc|Jay - 9 days 15 hours 14 minutes agoyou can request the country flag to forum too https://forum.splatterladder.eu/index.php?s=89ae07a4eca97446cf39533230f5adf3&showtopic=11140
ETc|Jay - 9 days 15 hours 18 minutes agoif you have your clan at sl, then you can add this to your server.cfg of your etserver. -> sets sl_clanid "yourclanid"
ETc|Jay - 9 days 15 hours 20 minutes agoto use the edit function you need to assign your server to a clan. If you have no clan, you need to request one to forum.
Estorado - 9 days 17 hours 38 minutes agothanks ETc|Jay, can I configure that my server send the server response? I am not able to use the edit function
Nico'x - 10 days 1 hour 2 minutes agoservers with 16 players are better live-ranked than servers with 20-25 players.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Feb 15 2007 at 15:55

After some months of absence the splashdamage forums went online again a few weeks ago. And from today on the entire splashdamage site is back. I hope we'll see more official news about ET:QW (esp. the release date) soon.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Feb 09 2007 at 19:07

With the Opencup almost over, we have had a good turn out so esl hope that the next will be alot better with more team's hopefull joining. All player's of the tce Opencup and the new ladder need to put the et PB guid on his esl profile. To get the right guid connect to a server and type "/pb_plist" then u get a part from your guid (8 letters), please copie this part and post it in youre esl profile.

Next round only players with complet guid in the profile will be able to play. The next ladder will be starting soon. So please make sure you got your pb guid. Once you have updated your profile with your guid you can then register your team, with ESL.

ESL Ladder Signup: TC:E 5o5 Ladder SIGNUP

Source: https://www.eclipse-esports.org/
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Feb 05 2007 at 22:00

An forum-update is carried out tomorrow (February 06th, 2007) at the morning. Therefore the forum will be shut down for one hour. Unfortunately, we cannot call you the exact time. Affected by the restrictions will be the forum as well as new registrations. Further the ET part works without restrictions.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jan 31 2007 at 21:42

A small maintenance of the SL server is carried out tomorrow (February 01st, 2007) at 10-11 hours morning. Forum+web page won't be attainable for this time. Nothing is also tracked.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jan 10 2007 at 18:31

Tools / Punkbuster
Workaround for the punkbuster-freezes and slow-downs in the game.

Delete the complete pb-folder, create a new pb-folder, copy pbsetup.exe in the pb-folder and start update.
Create now in the pb-folder a file with the name "pbcl.cfg" and copy the following text in this file. (or download it)

pb_sleep 500
pb_security 0

Download PB-Fix

PB_Security [0=no, 1=yes]
When set to 0, PunkBuster will accept all "update" files without verifying that they are authentic; the default is 1 which should not normally be changed except for LAN environments where there is no Internet Access and/or you fully trust the Servers you are connecting to
PB_Sleep [Period]
Holds the period of time (milliseconds) that PunkBuster "sleeps" between processing cycles; the default is 60; lower numbers will cause PunkBuster to process events more times each second which also has the effect of increasing the bandwidth used by PunkBuster; Players with a modem connection will probably want to set this as high as possible

Greetz Sonyfan!:-)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jan 01 2007 at 22:13

IPB Bild
TC:E 0.490b (fixed) Released
GrooveSix Studios and Team Terminator have released TC:E 0.490b (fixed) update.
Read more @ eclipse-esports * Download:TC:E 0.49b (fixed)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jan 01 2007 at 14:11

The team of Splatterladder wishes you all a happy and successful new year!
May your wishes come true and your good intentions last a while.

Your sl.-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 26 2006 at 19:58

It is fact that many players in the Top100 play only once within 7 days for a short time. They don't want to mess up their ranking. Unfortunately, this isn't according to a ranking and to offer such players an incentive for playing and not penalize active players respectively we have made a "short-lived" ranking now.
This means one doesn't play, the rating is made go down easily so (after 24 hours of inactivity). The more inactive player and the higher his rating, the more steeply he falls in the ranking. The whole isn't as bad as it listens to it here.

For example, we have a 20-rating player: If he plays every two days then he loses every two days 0.03 rating points. If he plays only every 5 days then he loses 0.33 each within 5 days. Within 14 days abstinence he loses already 3.02 points. However, these are all values which one can easily make up again. How we recognize does the new modification apply primarily to players who don't play.
Active players are virtually untouched of this and that is also not bad.

In addition, we have reduced the minimum player limit from 8 to 6 players test wise and therefore more players should get a valid session. If the practice tests are positive we keep the new player limit.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 18 2006 at 13:32

SL Ratingsystem fixed.

The Ratinsystem was crashed tonight. The Mistake was a not effectual tested rating modification, which we have included yesterday. We imported the latest backup. Thats means, the last 3 hours will be ignored by the SL.

Sorry for this disaccord. We plight amendment.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 17 2006 at 11:44


Since yesterday the league join is open, all clans can register now for the first esl tc:e round !
I hope we get a lot teams and a active ladder, before we start we will release new rulez and special server.cfg. After that we start quick with an opencup best from 16 or 32 teams.I hope we see us soon in the ladder :)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 15 2006 at 09:59

Just visited ETMaps.de and ChiemseeMan will no longer be updating the site with new maps.

imo a sad loss to ET.

A lot of server admins and players would most likely have used the site to keep upto date on what new maps were out there for ET, i know it was my fav site for keeping upto date.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 10 2006 at 12:13

eft// presents:
We are updating the campaign maps on our public server eft//8 Map XP-Save//etpub and we need your support.
This weekend we host a custom map campaing on our event server eft//MapVotingContest//etpub (server address: special.eft-clan.com / to test the map candidates. Your XP is saved during the whole weekend!
And here's the CLOU! Every player with more than 5000XP who votes on our homepage for his/her favorite map in the map voting the week after will participate in our tombola where you can win one of the following prizes: a Logitech MX518 mouse, a Razer Diamondback mouse, or a Plektronik Audio 350 headset.

More info on the eft// page.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 26 2006 at 00:40

Long awaited, but finally as we announced it has arrived, the tuned and pimped up SL! Better than ever and for us a quantum jump. Even fairer, faster, more individual and more objective!

But first an important info:

From now on the new statistics counts! Whose playing now, plays under the new rating-criteria! Isn't played immediately, you will drop out of ranking after seven days! It is said to some players in the ranking increase or fall by the rearrangement. Also the awards have been disabled due to the new ranking-estimation.

The heart! The brand-new trackercore!

Without him, the SL would not exist. He is the center with his complete new structure, as well as the biggest change in our huge update. He was programmed that way manipulation of the ranking-lists is impossible. Many hot discussions were the cause to over-work that precisely to give every player a rank which he has truley deserved. Therefore it is meaningless on which server you are playing or which mod is running on that server. With the new core we placed the headstone for upcomming games like QuakeWars. Also new ranking-lists become possible in future.

Improved session-calculation and more statistics

Until now the player could only see his own statistics about a session in the playerinfo-tab. The performance of other players was only visible through exausting clicks. With the new trackercore we implement a detailed round-statistic, the so called 'map-session', which is calculated after every closed session. It reflects the session with all players and their spm (score per minute). After every session there will be a round-based ranking-list from which you can see with one view who has performed how. The session-calculation is based on the ELO rating system. From this benefits a more objective view and we are able to gather once again all the maps (except trickjump) for the ranking. The same applies to server we had to disable due to a change of the xp-rating. That means, every sever-operator may configure his server freely and must never fear to dropp out of ranking, because everything is collected in a session-calculation and does not affect directly the global ranking.

Individual configurable permanent server-list and detailed server-view

The enormous pimped up serverlist was a construction-site, now interlarded with many new features. This will lead you more comfortable through the server-jungle than ever before. You are now able to select and sort after every possible criteria (quasi ET-like), like used server-settings, current utilisation or server-origin. That means a server-list according to your wishes and needs will be created. Not the SL is saying what you will see, you will tell her! Also the displaying has been over-worked and contains now an extended possibility for sorting the list and more facts at one view. In the detailed server-view you will see additionally the last twenty played maps. So you have a fast overview which maps are running on that server.

The turboscanner

Fast, faster, fastest! The SL charges the turbo! The '30 second-scan' has arrived! (Former known as the 'lazy 90 second scan')
Hence there are more detailed statistics than ever before.

The most important faqs, summed up in a changelog:
  • 30 second scan intervall, a maximum of five minutes with empty servers (old: 90 seconds and max. of scan of 90 minutes)
  • changed global ranking
    The new ranking is based now on the differences within a session (map-session). It does not matter which mod or map is running. The new ranking has been made compatible to the used numbers.
    -> a minimum of eight players in the valuation of a session
    -> it is a alike the ELO rating system
    -> sessions will be calculated immediately after a 'map-session'
    -> two session boni (player and global niveau boni)
  • viewable session-history from the server-view
  • detailed session-info
  • server-ranking (beta-test)
  • prearrangement for mod-ranking
  • third tab of player-info -> mod-overview (mod-data has to been collected first)
  • third tab of player-info -> server-based player ranking (ranking data has to been collected first)
  • multiple playing names (like "ETPlayer or "Jimmy") will be displayed correctly now
  • new filterable severlist/permanentfilter
  • sever-load (beta-test)
We hope we created with our big service pack a SL which is liked the same way as we do. Tell us your opinion and give us your feedback to stay on your number one. If you discover any bugs or errors please let us know so we can eliminate them promptly.

Best regards and have a lot of fun with your freshly polished SL!

Your SL-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 22 2006 at 01:50

Winter is comming! Evenings getting longer! Time to pimp the SL!

That is why we used our braincells to let the SL shine in a new glance! There have been so many tipps and ideas in the meanwhile that it was time to implement them. You can compare it nearly to a relaunch.
Many features and essential changes were made. To give a little foretaste to what you can expect we provide you with some info which you might look forward to:
  • The biggest change is a comletely new trackercore, which lets run the SL much faster and stable. At the same time we are able to establish a new rating-system, wich is essentially fairer and more clear-transparent and no more manipulable. Also we are able to provide more than one huge rankinglist in the future.
  • There will be an entire over-worked sessioncalculation, which is much more informative. Additionally the annoying excluding of maps and servers will be omitted.
  • Abutting to the in-game-browser the SL gets a truely personalizable serverlist inclusive its own permanent-filter. You will only see what you want to see!
  • Certainly through this relaunch the SL have been optimised in the core to push the serverscans from 90 seconds to glaring 30 seconds.
    Based on the motto: "D(G)one in 30 seconds"
With more stats, more speed and even more features you will get the best SplatterLadder ever!

The new SL will raise next Wednesday (25th of october). Because the ip-adress is being also changed there will be short downtime of 2 or 3 hours during that day. The forum is not affected.

Stay tuned, your SL-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 15 2006 at 21:30

Since the new punkbuster release 1.279 many of you have problems connecting to several servers. The cause of this is an outdated PBNS.DAT which comes from the previous version and is not automatically updated, because one is now less than ever possible to connect to that server. Not until you have been connected the actual Punk Buster software is loaded if there is a difference between client and server. If you connect to servers which are running the last PB Update and the client is running an old version, the PBNS.DAT avoids an GUID authentification (awaiting gamestate) because of operating with outdated data for the masterserver. (new: - pbguidauth.idsoftware.com)

  • 1. download pbsetup.exe from www.evenbalance.com
  • 2. delete or rename the old pb-directory and create a new one in which you copy the downloaded file.
  • 3. start pbsetup.exe, follow the instructions and download a completely new pb-software.
  • 4. connect to an updated server, like this one, and you will receive a new PBNS.DAT from that server.
  • 5. done!
Download-Link for pbsetup.exe: Even Balance Website

For further questions we will be available in our forum! Greetz, Sonyfan/sl.Binaural!
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