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MAPINFO FOR: rushers11
ET: rushers11

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Name: Rushers 11 beta2*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
1 "Primary Objective:Construct the Bridge."
2 "Primary Objective:Escort the tank to the Depot2."
3 "Primary Objective:Destroy the Axis Generator."
4 "Secondary Objective:Infiltrate through the Depot1 gate."
5 "Secondary Objective:Capture the Forward Depot1 from the Axis. Keep the attack rolling!"
6 "Secondary Objective:Destroy the Bridg gate."
7 "Secondary Objective:Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post ."

1 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Allies from building the Bridge."
2 "Primary Objective:Don't let the Allies Destroy the Generator."
3 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Allies from Overtake Depot2."
4 "Secondary Objective:Prevent allied escorting the tank to the Bridge Gate."
5 "Secondary Objective:Defend the Depot1 from the Allies."
6 "Secondary Objective:Stop the Tank from reaching ther Depot2."
7 "Secondary Objective:Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post .!"


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