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ET: sot_b2

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Name: Sands of Time beta2*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The Axis war machine is running out of money to keep there war effort going, they have heard of a ancient temple that has a stash of gold that could keep the war going for years, allied intelligence has picked up the information thru informants and have sent a Special elite squad of allied Soldiers (Shit-Storm troopers) to stop the axis from pillaging the temples gold, allied forces have found the temple and have started to secure the area.

1 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from capturing the flag."
2 "Primary Objective:Construct the Command Post for faster charge bars. Destroy the Axis Command Post!"
3 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from dynamiting the Side Wall."
4 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from constructing the Assault Ramp. Dynamite the Assault Ramp!"
5 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from fixing the Broken Mirror."
6 "Primary Objective:Prevent the Axis from dynamiting the Basement Wall."
7 "Primary Objective:STOP the Axis from steeling the Gold! Prevent them from securing it in the truck!"

1 "Primary Objective:Capture the flag, to spawn in the Old Town."
2 "Primary Objective:Construct Command Post for faster charge bars. Destroy the Allied Command Post!"
3 "Primary Objective:Dynamite the Side Wall."
4 "Primary Objective:Construct the Assault Ramp."
5 "Primary Objective:Fix the Broken Mirror so the gold is revealed."
6 "Primary Objective:Dynamite the Basement Wall."
7 "Primary Objective:Steel the gold! And bring it to the truck!"


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