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ET: v1rocket_b2

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Name: V1 Rocket beta2*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
Winter 1943.
In a daring attempt to fight the axis with it's own weapons the allies have managed to capture a v1bomb. Now the allied forces must escort a Lorraine37L carying this stolen v1rocket into an axis rocketbase, steal the rocketfuel and launch the rocket deep into Axis territory.

Changes in this version:

- After the Lorraine37L (the Tank) has reached the depotyard it can no longer be damaged nor repaired. This was done to avoid xp-whoring by allied engineers.
- After the Lorraine37L (the Tank) has reached the depotyard the V1Rocket will be transported onto a electric train with a crane. The train will take the v1rocket to the launchramp and does NOT have to be escorted nor can it be damaged/repaired.
- Allies can steal the fuelcan (The Objective) at any given time in the game, but they can only secure it at the v1rocket after it has reached the launchramp.(an icon will appear at the command map)

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