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Name: La Rochelle beta2*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The US 8th Air Force has failed to take the heavily fortified U-Boat pens at La Rochelle out of the war so the Resistance has smuggled a strike team into the base to destroy the target from the inside.
The team must take the crane control module from the loading docks to the control room on the middle platform, use the crane to transfer explosives from a munitions train to the submarine, and use them to destroy the two submarines inside.

Phase 1: (Starts completed if playing Stopwatch)
- Activate the crane controls by taking code module from Loading Docks (1) to Railyard Control Building (2)

Phase 2:
- Control the switch in the Railyard Control Building (2) long enough to move the pallet of explosives from the munitions train (3) to the submarine pen (6)

Phase 3:
- Dynamite the two submarines docked inside the submarine pen

Other Notes:
- If the allies build the CP, they will gain access to the sub pen via the loading docks
- If the axis build the CP, they will be able to spawn in the east pen barrack room

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