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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 11 2016 at 18:44


 LRS Drydock Sniper B1

LoRenz presents his Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Drydock Sniper Beta 1

Quote: Hello to all. This time, we are in a dry dock. Allies and Axis ships, need repair. There are many spots inside and cranes on the move.
There is also a puzzle to solve, to earn aprofitable snipe spot for a few minutes.
Thanks to Elite for his music. Thanks to Mo0n for the environment idea.

Have fun.

Source: Big thx to LoRenz via FB and Mail

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 09 2016 at 14:18


= American Civil War Mod - Version 2 =


This is the new and improved total conversion of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory to an American Civil War theme. It has been created by PAV, who is also the creator of BOBOT.

There are now 30 maps to play, in 3 ten-map campaigns. The maplist is as follows:

= North American Campaign:

# Killdeer Mountain

# Fort Abercrombie

# Storm Point

# Once Upon a Time in the West

# Factory

#The Wild Wild West

# Farm

# Hang'Em High

= Central American Campaign:

# Fort Laramie

# Church

# Union pacific

# Burlington

# Home Sweet Home

# Hacienda

# Warlock

# Durango

= South American Campaign:

# Dodge City

# Colorado River

# Santa Fe

# El Paso

# Tombstone

# Tijuana, Yuma

# Tucson

# Mexican

# Oasis

# The Alamo.

Please note that some of the maps have "night" versions that can be played too.

= Screenshots

Download the new version HERE

Source - SplashDamage - PAV


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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 08 2016 at 16:02


= Castle Headquarters =

(aka Castle Republican Party Headquarters)


A new Allied-attack map created by Devils Right Hand.

= Storyline

A group of traitor officers are to rendezvous in a Bavarian castle to discuss their secret plans to assassinate the Führer. Allied Intelligence has become aware of the existence of these plans and would very much like to obtain a copy of them.

Therefore, they send a squad of their elite Paratroopers to the castle in order to do just that.

= Screenshots

Download the new map HERE

Source - SplashDamage - Devils Right Hand

The Wolf Team website HERE



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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 02 2016 at 13:49


= Mountain Pass Beta 1 =

= Created by Devils Right Hand =


= Storyline

The Axis forces have hidden an enormous stash of gold and priceless artwork in old, abandoned mines, somewhere in the mountains. The Allies have been unable to locate this stash, however, Allied HQ received intel that secret documents, pertaining to the whereabouts of this stash, are located in a nearby mountain village.

The Allied squad must locate and infiltrate this village, eliminate all Axis troops, destroy the Axis radio communications in order to prevent reinforcements being called in, steal a truck and make their escape back to Allied HQ.

= Screenshots

Download the new map HERE

TheWolfTeam's website HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Devils Right Hand


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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 31 2016 at 10:47


Willkommen - Welcome - powitanie - welkom - добро пожаловать - bienvenue - benvenuto


Wir laden ein - Samstag dem 03.09.2016 ab 20.00 Uhr

We invite - Saturday 03.09.2016 from 20.00 o'clock

Мы приглашаем - Суббота 03.09.2016 с 20.00 ч

Nous invitons - Samedi 03.09.2016 à partir de 20.00 heures

Invitiamo - Sabat 03.09.2016 a partire da 20.00

Wij nodigen - 2016/09/03 zaterdag om 20.00 uur

Zapraszamy - Sobota 03.09.2016 o godzinie 20.00


Server IP:

Mod: NoQuarter 1.2.9. b6



Source: DSK-ET

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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Wolffiles, Aug 25 2016 at 16:01


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Venom Mod =

= Version 4.8 =


This is Hellbaron's latest release of RtCW Venom Mod, the latest patch to fix the water effect for the lake in the "Forest" level is aleady included in this download.

-  What's New -

# Fixed the A.I. in the maps, "Escape 1", "Escape 2", Crypt 2" and "Forest".

# Better glass surfaces and reworked shaders

# Reflective decals

# Better textures for grenades, the Tesla gun and MP40

# New effects for Warrior zombies

# New texture for the Snooper rifle created by Schiff, now with reflections

# Less hard drive space required than in previous versions

# Added "autoexec" files for classic/tweaked advanced settings

- Screenshots

Download the new version HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

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Written by RtCW4ever, Aug 19 2016 at 21:24


New Version of RealRTCW Realism Mod Released - Version 2.0 + Optional HD Pack!

Hello everyone. I'm proud to announce that WolfETPlayer has released a new version of his RealRTCW Realism Mod today - version 2.0! Also, he has released an optional HD pack which combines textures from some other HD texture mods for Rtcw. You can download both releases below.
I would like to thank WolfETPlayer for his amazing work thus far.

Source: moddb.com/realrtcw-realism-mod-2.0 | ronboyproductions

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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 15 2016 at 13:39


= The Dark Army Uprising =

= Latest News Update =


More than three years since it's announcement, seven months after its first Microsoft Windows release, the Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification has been reworked in order to match RtCW fans' (rather high) expectations. However, one issue was still being faced during said rework, a new engine had to be found that could handle some of the promised exclusive features, with the intention to ultimately have a choice to download this modification as an add-on or as a "standalone" project, (as originally intended).

Last month, TITEUF was contacted by Russian developer, WolfETPlayer, concerning the now-released engine modification, "RealRtCW", (which is based on the famous engine patch 1.42d made by Knightmare), who asked TITEUF for his agreement to use the "Remade Weapons/Additional Weapons" add-ons, to which TITEUF agreed.

When the first version of "RealRtCW" Mod was released, TITEUF immediately saw WolfETPlayer's coding potential, as well as the engine's ability to perfectly handle "The Dark Army: Uprising's" weapon models. Also, the original patch made by Knightmare has amazing features. So, it raised an important question, in terms of an RtCW equation, "The Dark Army: Uprising + RealRTCW"...would it work?

Once TITEUF had received WolfETPlayer's agreement, a rather long phase of testing began. The true work on the project will resume with the release of the second version of the engine, "RealRtCW 2.0". WolfETPlayer now also joined the "TITEUF-85 Prøductions" crew. Stay tuned for more up-coming updates on this exciting new RtCW collaboration.

# New Menu Screenshots

The Dark Army - Uprising on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy




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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 12 2016 at 14:23


= Battalion 1944 Alpha, Beta & Early Access =


The new Battalion 1944 Paypal Store has now opened, which means that we can all now gain access to the Battalion 1944 Alpha, Beta, Early Access and Full versions of this epic World War 2 FPS. Many German fans of the new game, who dislike paying with credit cards, had asked for this Paypal option to be included.

Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and propels World War 2 into the next generation. Battalion utilises the most advanced industry technology in order to create a visceral and heart-thumping experience that has been crafted by the game designers, who have grown uo playing Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 2.

The Alpha release is coming in May 2017, until then, feel free to join our growing community on Reddit, Discord and on our official Forums, where the Battalion 1944 Devteam actively seek game design suggestions.

Battalion 1944 Paypal Store HERE

New Battalion 1944 website HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 02 2016 at 16:42


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Singleplayer Mission =

= Clonewar 2044 v1.1 =


This is Hellbaron's remake of the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer mission created by Flipmode.

# Storyline

The Axis Forces were planning to build their own Timeportal and they have now succeeded in doing so. Appearently, they plan to travel to the future in order to use a new technology known as "cloning". Their main objective is the reproducing of human beings and as you can imagine their intention is not to create civilians.

If they succeed they could send back an enormous army of clones, created from their elite Armed Forces. The Allies need to steal this project, destroy all communications, kill all resistance and take over the control of the Timeportal.

# Screenshots

Download the new mission HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy


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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 26 2016 at 19:17


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

=Realism Mod =


The main goal of this mod is to make the RtCW singleplayer missions a bit more realistic and challenging. This mod is not for newcomers, it is for experienced RtCW players who now find the vanilla version of the game easy to complete.

v 1.0 Changelist:

# New Weapon: MP-44 with unique ammo type.

# New 44 khz sounds for weapons and some misc sounds. Also new main menu theme.

# Overhauled main and in-game menus.

# Overhauled loading screens.

# New Weapon Skins, (pack of the best modelsskins made by the RtCW Community).

# Strafe Jumping, (Bunny hop), was removed.

# All heavy weapons now decrease player movement speed by 25%.

Rebalanced AI:

# HP of all Axis Forces reduced.
# Soldiers: All have average shooting skills. More mauser rifle soldiers, less MP40 soldiers. Later in the game's missions, soldiers will use MP44.
# Officers: Now have excellent shooting skills.
# Zombies: Now have more HP, skulls charge time decreased, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.
# Zombie Warriors: Now have more HP, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.
# Elite Guards: All have excellent shooting skills. All Elite Guards are now using mp40 or silenced lugers. Increased their running speed too.
# Boss1, (Olaric-Helga), more HP, increased melee damage, more ghosts.Ghosts charging time reduced.
# Blackguard Paratroopers: Now have excelllent shooting skills.
# Proto soldier: Increased HP.
# Boss2, (Uber Soldat), Increased HP.
# Lopers: Increased HP.
# Heinrich: Decreased reaction time, increased sword attack range, increased stomp damage, decreased raise dead cooldown, increased running speed.

For more information regarding all in-game changes, please refer to the "read me" file contained in the download.


Download the RtCW Mod HERE

RealRtCW Mod on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 25 2016 at 15:21


= ET:Legacy - News Update =


Over the summer development has been going slower than usual, but we don't want to leave you completely hanging. While we are still wrapping our heads around a few issues blocking the next release, a sneak peek into the map-porting section might help lighten the mood.

These are "work in progress" screenshots, which means the areas shown are still subject to change.

# ET:L Bergen Screenshots

Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Legacy HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Kemon

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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 22 2016 at 15:35


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single-player v1.42d Unofficial Patch =

= Created by Knightmare =


This is a simple patch that fixes the startup crash caused by newer video drivers, (erroneously attributed to Windows 7).

It adds fully native widescreen support. Support for "nVidia Surround" and "ATI Eyefinity",  via in-menu custom video modes and a few other fixes and tweaks. It also fixes the crash at the map level transition from RtCW SP map "Dam" to RtCW SP map "Paderborn", (aka village2).

It is based on the v1.41 source released by John Carmack in September 2010. However, as this release is not made or supported by Gray Matter, id Software, Activision or Bethesda, please don't ask them for support with this.

# Installation Instructions

You should back up the "WolfSP.exe", "cgamex86.dll", "qagamex86.dll" and "uix86.dll" files in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder before installing this.

This can be done simply by making a subfolder called "backup" or "old" and moving the above files there. Once you have done this, just extract the download into your Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.

# Please Note

This patch includes modified menu files in the "sp_pak4.pk3" file.  These files were edited to add the new "scralign" attribute to various objects, to change how they scale in widescreen video modes.  "System.menu" and "ingame_system.menu" were also edited to add the new video modes, anisotropic filtering support and hardware gamma support.

Mods or map packs which change the menu files will need to be edited to replicate these changes, or they won't work correctly with this patch.

Download Knightmare's new RtCW SP patch HERE

Source - Ronboy Productions - Ronboy

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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 07 2016 at 15:44


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Singleplayer Mission =

= Beach Defend =


A new Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer mission, created by Ronboy and Vicpas. This level was initially created for the addon, "Operation Deathshead", but it was not included in that project and was instead completed as a singleplayer level.


You and your Axis Storm Troopers, who are defending the beaches, ports and harbours of Europe, find yourselves under attack from a heavily-armed Allied attack force, who are trying to establish a beach-head in your area.  You must repel these Allied invaders, eliminate their entire force and also destroy their submarine, which is located just offshore from your base.


 Installation information and how to play:

1] Unzip to your C:Program FilesReturn to Castle Wolfenstein folder.

2] Play using the shortcut called "beach2" and when the main menu appears, click on the play button and choose your favorite skill.

Please Note:

If you have RtCW installed in another directory, you must edit the shortcut.

Download the new RtCW SP Mission HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Vicpas

Ronboy's Wolfenstein Website HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 06 2016 at 14:21


= Urban Territory 44 Beta 1 =


This is a new Axis-attack map, created by Fabi and Stoerfaktor.


The Axis team have to destroy the safe, steal the Allied Combat Maps and bring them to the nearby truck in order to make their escape.


Download or test the new map HERE

Please report any map bugs HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Stoer


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