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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 18 2016 at 15:56


= Würzburg Radar Phx =


This is a new and improved version of Würzburg radar, created by Pheonix.

= Storyline =

The Allies must break into the Würzburg radar base and steal the Axis secret code book in order to analyse and eventually disrupt all Axis transmissions in that area.

= Screenshots =

Changes from the Original Wurzburg Radar:

- Changed Weather Conditions
- Changed Primary Objective (removed radar parts, added secret documents)
- Added Bunker Door (for documents' room)
- Added Truck Race
- Added New Axis's spawn points in the abandoned villa


- Special thanks to Splash Damage for having released the source code of the original maps
- 2Bit and Avoc for the Breakout2 skybox
- Rayban for the new foliage models prefab

Download the new version HERE - botfiles included

Source - Desperados Gaming Clan - -|D|-Ray



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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 15 2016 at 11:21


= Days of War =

Days of War is an online multiplayer shooter that aims to revive the style of classic WW2 shooters from the 2000-2010 era, using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4.

We are building Days of War for one reason only, we want to play Days of War. We can't wait to get this game out there so we can start playing along side you.

Class-based combat. Each player has their role and each squad has six classes:


- Rifleman

- Assault Trooper

- Support Trooper

- Machine Gunner

- Sniper

- Rocket / Panzerfaust

There is deep support for modding and player content. Custom map creation, editable rulesets and dedicated server hosting tools will all be made available to the Days of War Community. You will have the ability to tune Days of War to be the game you and your clanmates want it to be.


Days of War Kickstarter HERE

Official Days of War website HERE

Days of War on Facebook HERE

Days of War on Twitter HERE

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 13 2016 at 23:07


Breezie has update his popular RtCW Map Downloader to version 1.0

This is an application that works together with the game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'.
It automatically downloads missing custom maps for the game.

Unfortunately RTCW does not support HTTP downloads.
Downloading maps at 12kb/s takes way too much time.
Thats where this app. comes in handy.

1. Open the EXE file.
2. An icon will appear in your tray.
3. If a map is missing, RTCW will be shut down, the map will be downloaded and RTCW will restart.

   - RTCW (1.0, 1.33 or 1.4)
   - .NET Framework 4.6.1
   - Downloads must be enabled on both client and server (sv_allowdownload 1 & cl_allowdownload 1)

   - You can view a list of supported maps on the website. You can also add maps and download URL's.

1.0 Changes:
       - Completely rewritten from scratch in C#
       - Fixed several bugs from previous version
       - Downloaded PK3s are now checked on integrity

Website and Download: breezie.be/rtcw/mapdownloader

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 13 2016 at 19:55


LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory sniper map - LRS Dwarfs Sniper - with a cool fanasy look.

"Hi all, this map is about the kingdom of Erebor. The dwarfs are gone, leaving treasures.
But that does not interest us, we play for fun. Take your place and snipe.
Have fun!!! LoRenz"

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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 12 2016 at 03:24


= F|A Base - Version 2 =


"I'm glad to announce that "F|A Base v.2" is ready for action! I released the first version of the map on May 11th 2014 and it was played on the servers untill the 8th of August, the same year. Then it was removed from the server rotations because of a bug which allowed the Allies to spawn in the Axis spawn at the begining of the map.
I took a break from Wolf ET and mapping, but since I've started playing Wolf ET again I decided to fix the issue and work on the map, because so many people loved it." - =F|A=DEATHSKI

= Screenshots =

= Bug Fix =

- The Allies being able to spawn at the Axis spawn issue is now fixed

= Changes from previous version =

- 25 spawn points added per spawn, instead of 16, so the map can be used on bigger servers
- VO/HQ sounds added
- More and new F|A textures added around the map
- Additional path with a wooden ramp and a depot fence added at the first stage of the map

Download the new version HERE

F|A Clan website HERE

Source - Splashdamage - nAb.Death


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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 10 2016 at 02:35


= Village Map - Version 2 - Update =


This is the updated version of Kic's Village map, which contains several new fixes.

= New Fixes =

- Allied forward spawn flag now works

- Trees are now clipped

- Several other map details repaired

= Storyline =

The Allied Squad must attack the village trainstation, over-power the Axis forces on defence and destroy the infamous Axis railgun, known as “Leopold” . The Allies must also detonate dynamite at the train tunnel entrance, in order to prevent any further Axis troop trains from leaving or entering the village station.

= Allied Objectives =

– Capture the forward hut flag

– Build the Allied Command Post

– Destroy the maingate defences

– Destroy railgun Leopold

– Destroy the tunnel entrance near the station

Download the the new version HERE

TheWolfTeam website Here

Source - Splashdamage - Kic

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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 09 2016 at 03:45


= Castle Gothicstein [Remastered] =

= Version 1.2 =


This is the latest version of Castle Gothicstein, created by AidenDemon. Take a hardcore trip into the dark sense of an alternative World War 2 and prepare for the biggest challenge you've had since your first play of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Castle Gothicstein is no mere retexturing of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. A lot of work has also been done with Axis A.I. and now the game is real a challenge for every RtCW player, veterans included. Use your knowlege of levels to reach the exit, think before you take any step. No matter which difficulty you choose, your skill will be tested.

= Screenshots =

New features:


  • New knife model and texture
  • New props textures
  • New sounds
  • Nazi names in german dialogue sounds fixed
  • Tesla effects fixed
  • New hud (two versions for 4:3 and 16:9 monitores)
  • New sounds of interaction
  • New icons
  • Casual version for those, who wanna play on Android
  • Two types of german soldiers speech language

"This mod is still in slow development, hope i'll finish new levels and fix more stuff to bring more joy to RtCW fans." - AidenDemon

Download the new remastered version HERE

AidenDemon on ModDB HERE

Source - ModDB - AidenDemon


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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 07 2016 at 16:56


= Trenches - Version 1.2 =


This is the latest version of "Trenches", created by Thunder and Macchute of The Wolf Team Modding & Mapping Community. Trenches is primarily a map made for use in ETNam Mod, but is readily usable in standard Wolf ET too.

= Storyline=

After breaching the infamous China Beach defences, the Allied forces have made their way through the jungle and located the enemy's defensive trenches. They must now find and destroy the sewer entrance, located in this area, in order to further their advance into enemy territory..


Changelog 1.1 to 1.2

- Fixed caulked surface
- "Dirty-fixed" a tga in shader that is jpg in Wolf ET source
- Fixed missing sandbags texture
- Moved templespawn into the temple with 2 exits
- Rocks added to cover Allied bunkerspawn
- Forward spawn is now in the different huts
- Forward spawn is default Axis, but needs to be hit first
- Added spawnpoints so now there is 32 spawn for both teams (for 64slots servers)
- Flying leaves should be taken care of, I hope
- "Flying" tree fixed
- Tunnel fixed so you don't get stuck
- Clipped the map all over so it shouldn't be possible to get outside
- Clipped the sewer opening so you can't get through it
- Added intermission sound wav

Download the new version of Trenches HERE

Botfiles are included in the map download

TheWolfTeam website HERE

Source - Enemy Territory Stuff - Kate



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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Dec 18 2015 at 16:49


6.12.2015 KW1 - Christmas Mod - Oh, Chistmastree!

The Kernwaffe Team wishes you all a merry christmas time!

Away from the joyful things which the pre-christmas time might bring us,
on KW1 there will be running the much-loved and extremely appreciated and multiply desired ChristmasMod. From St.Nicholas Day (6.12) on until the New Years Day (1.1). You will find handpicked & well-chosen Christmas Maps in accompany with a full atmosphere of first class christmassy sound snippets.

!lastchristmas we gave you our hearts,
this year there will be a Tännchen (!attention) - !hohoho

In case some of you don´t like all this X-Mas hustle and bustle for various reasons, join like-minded people on KW2 for a collective (un-XMassy) fragging - without ChristmasMod!
KW2 has the same settings and the same campaign like KW1 in this time.

In any way ...
... we wish you a merry time & nice play!

... we are looking forward to you :)

This year with incredibly more tinsel!

Yours KW-Team

connect ...
KW1 et.kernwaffe.de
KW2 et2.kernwaffe.de

Hugs ANO
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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 04 2016 at 02:51


= Wolfenstein Enemy Territory =

=American Civil War Mod=


This is a total conversion of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory to an American Civil War theme. It has been created by PAV, who is also the creator of BOBOT.

The following new maps are available to play:

# Union Pacific

# Santa Fe

# Killdeer Mountain

# Fort Laramie

# Colorado River

# Dodge City


PAV's website, in order to report Mod and map bugs HERE

Download the new Mod HERE

Source - Splashdamage - PAV

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 03 2016 at 18:48


 VICTORY! Thank you everyone! 317% funded!!!

Battalion 1944 (PC/XB1/PS4) recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and propels WW2 into the next generation of gaming. Battalion 1944 utilizes the most advanced industry technology to create a visceral and heart-thumping multiplayer experience that has been crafted by the designers who have grown up playing Medal of Honor, Call of Duty 2 and Enemy Territory.

Throughout our campaign on Kickstarter we’ve managed to amass more than 10 thousand backers. The outpouring of support we have received is genuinely amazing and we cannot thank you enough. As a community we have tripled our initial funding goal to 317%, meaning we at Bulkhead Interactive are now able to develop Battalion 1944 into a game that will challenge the biggest AAA shooters in the industry.
Your funds will help make Battalion 1944 awesome. A question we’ve received a lot is what will happen to our British and Russian stretch goals.

We’d also like to remind you we’ll be opening our PayPal ‘slacker backer’ store in the coming weeks to allow anyone who missed their chance to back the campaign or didn’t have a credit card on hand to pledge their support and receive our exclusive Kickstarter rewards at their discounted Kickstarter price. This will be open for 1 week only. We’ll let you know well in advance when that goes live. We will make an official announcement as soon as that goes live...

Read more on Kickstarter/Battalion-1944

Source: forums.battaliongame.com | kickstarter.com

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Written by RtCW4ever, Feb 28 2016 at 21:19


Snipermap UJE knight sniper (beta 3) made by [UJE] Niek

Both sides are alot of casstles. Sniperplaces enough on this map but....
The scene is split by a river ,and every 2 minutes the gate will open to let players pass to the other side but.....
BEWARE ,the place is filled with traps and a beast is guarding the passage.
So this map is a bit for both snipers and crossers.

* Alot of funny and scary sounds in it
* Alot of effects made by Sage (Thanks for that)
* Knights falling down
* Monster moving
* And some scary stuff for the crossers

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 26 2016 at 02:45


= Battalion 1944 Stretch Goals Announced! =

Today we can finally announce what you’ve all been waiting for… Battalion 1944’s Stretch Goals. When we hit our funding goal in just 3 days we could’ve released a list pre-made stretch goals, but instead we decided listen to the feedback from our community to see exactly what you wanted and then go a step further by making the content you wanted to see. We’ve been working day and night to be able to show you exactly what we want to add to the game.

= Screenshots =


Remember; there is only 1 week left to raise your pledge and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards such as alternate weapon skins and medals, our super limited numbered physical boxed copes, unique customized Battalion 1944 dog tags and the Kickstarter only Battalion 1944 backer t-shirt!

We have 6 more days in our final sprint to expand Battalion’s budget and make the WW2 shooter that this generation deserves. Share the campaign, tell everyone you know and help the growing Battalion 1944 community reach these stretch goals, together.

Battalion 1944 Kickstarter HERE

Battalion 1944 official website HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 25 2016 at 13:07


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Venom Mod Gold - Version 4.6 =


This is the latest release of Hellbaron's excellent Venom Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

= Latest Updates =

#  Updated HD crosshairs.

# New effects and detailed textures.

# Some more improved textures.

= Screenshots =

Download the new version HERE

Hellbaron's ModDB page HERE

Source - Wolffiles - Vicpas

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Written by RtCW4ever, Feb 22 2016 at 19:29


LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory sniper map - LRS Animal Sniper Reload - with a cool London arts style.

Hi all, this map is my tribute to my favorite band. The map take place into the Animals CD box where i have put the Battersea Power Station. I have made this reload of Animals sniper for have more easy kills.
There is a secret room, you can find it only if you Learn to fly :)

Have fun!!! LoRenz

Source: Big thx to LoRenz via Mail and FB

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